Stratford Foodbank

Our foodbank is a project founded by local churches and community groups, working together towards stopping hunger in our local area.

We collect food from local organisations: schools, churches, shops and other businesses. This is sorted and stored ready to be given to people who are identified as being in need by partner organisations who act as referral agencies for us. These agencies give vouchers to those people in need which they can then bring along to one of our four distribution sessions and exchange for a parcel of food. This food is intended to last for three days and be nutritionally balanced. We cater for individuals, couples and families of varying sizes including and increasing number of children. We adapt the food parcels to people’s particular needs whether they be dietary or linked to cooking facilities available.

As well as providing food and other essentials like toiletries, laundry products and pet food, Foodbank also signposts clients to other local providers that may be of help such as free or inexpensive meals provided by local churches and organisations that can help in the case of homelessness.